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Tourist Guide to Denver Attractions – Touring the Colorado State Capitol

April 22nd, 2022

The Colorado State Capitol is located in Denver which is home to the Colorado General Assembly. It houses the offices of Governor of Colorado, and the Lieutenant governor of Colorado. The building was constructed in the year 1890 and opened for use in the year 1894.

The entrance of the building is open 180 feet to the top of the dome. This building is a division of Denver civic Center area. The interior of the building was constructed with abundant amount of Colorado Rose Onyx and the floors of the building are designed with white Yule Marble. There are numerous designs in the marble which include images which resemble George Washington and Molly Brown.

The Colorado State Capitol was designed with modern safety features such as enclosed stairs towers, and more. The windows of the Capitol are made with stained glass. The special thing about the construction of the Colorado State Capitol is that the hall is decorated with the portraits of every president of United States.

There are galleries in the Colorado State Capitol which attracts many tourist people to visit the building again. The galleries in the Capitol are:

Rotunda Interior
Colorado house of representative
Colorado Senate chamber
Gallery of Presidents
Dome exterior
Old Colorado supreme court chambers
There are interior and exterior Colorado State Capitol virtual tours which help the tourist people to know about the history and construction of the building. The exterior tours include Likens drinking fountain, Liberty bell, civil war memorial and more.

The interior tour includes entrance doors, senate chambers, Gallery of Presidents, the Grand staircase, the elevators, chandeliers and electricity, the rotunda and more. The Capitol is located at: 1313, Sherman Street, Room 1B-20, the Centennial building, Denver, Colorado 80203.